Meet Joe Markovitch – The Joe@JoeCo


Joe listened attentively to our company’s objectives and saw the bigger picture of the potential of our business. He senses the audience and speaks from a genuine place of comprehending the business model, and fields questions strategically and sensitively


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Career Portfolio

These are some of the companies & brands I’ve worked with during   my career in business

About Joe

Hello – I’m the Joe@JoeCo – a business coach with multi-dimensional and unique business-life experiences.


I am a seasoned marketer, successful entrepreneur, college instructor as well as a professional musician, with more than 20 years business management experience here in the Vancouver market.


In 1994 I founded and operated Solly’s Bagelry, an ethnic bakery/deli which has become an “institution” here in Vancouver.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, I was an account executive in the advertising agency business, marketing director for a global musical instrument components manufacturer, college instructor as well as a professional singer/musician.


I started and ran three businesses from startup, did retail sales, made key decisions around the executive board table, managed a major business expansion, operated a large commercial kitchen, launched new products internationally, coordinated major trade show promotions and performed live on world stages.


As a result, I have a 360° degree perspective on life in business and can relate. Coaching from this vantage point enables me to see the challenge or opportunity holistically and offer you insightful, practical and effective solutions.


In my many years of business experience I have yet to meet a business owner who said “there is nothing they would have done different in hindsight”.  Some of their most important “business lessons” came from their past mistakes and successes.


In my coaching practise I value and harness the “power of business hindsight” providing you with proven, practical solutions using online low cost business tools.


Our approach helps to gives you the tools,  guidance  and confidence to make the right decisions for you and your business.


Fundamentally, I have gained a profound understanding that the “health of the business and business owner” are highly dependent on each other. That’s why my coaching practise takes a “holistic approach” to your whole “life in business”. That means helping you decide what’s both best for you and best for your business.


Personally, my mission is to help business people benefit, from my business life experiences as well as those of others. JoeCo is not just Joe. I have a group of trusted advisors, from multi-disciplined business professionals to augment the JoeCo Coaching Process.


Holistic Aproach

The JoeCo Coaching Process works with you, step-by-step to a decision point where you have the knowledge, contacts and tools to make the right decision – the decision that is best for you and your business.

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Business Success Stories

Like many new entrepreneurs, we started Solly’s with a very limited budget. We scraped, borrowed and begged to get just enough money to do renovations to the space and buy used…

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Our Coaching Process

STEP 1 >


In this First Step, we find where the passion, to create your business is coming from. We seek to understand your vision, goals and resources and identify our role in the process.

STEP 2 >


At the core, of this step the health goals of the business and the business owner are aligned. We work together to create a healthy work-life balance for you and a healthy balance sheet for your business.

STEP 3 >


Next we lay the foundations of your business – adding the critical infrastructure and tools you and your business need to withstand the challenges of starting up and capitalize on the longer term opportunities ahead.

STEP 4 >


Lastly, together we build your business plan and determine how to best execute it. A good business idea, well executed is your path to succes

For new entrepreneurs considering taking the first step or businesses ready to take the next step, JoeCo has the experience and skills to help you safely navigate the challenges of startup or expansion. Reduce your risk by avoiding the common mistakes.