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Joe listened attentively to our company’s objectives and saw the bigger picture of the potential of our business. He senses the audience and speaks from a genuine place of comprehending the business model, and fields questions strategically and sensitively


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Coaching Workshops & Seminars

Support Your Client’s Passion for Self Employment-Host a JoeCo Seminar or Workshop

Does your organization provide support to people in business or starting a business?  JoeCo offers seminars and workshops to help new entrepreneurs and struggling business owners to successfully meet the challenges and minimize the risks of self employment.
JoeCo seminars teach practical skills and knowledge, from real life in business experience that you can use in the business today. You will take away effective strategies, proven processes and high tech low cost tools that you could employ almost immediately to help you better assess, plan and execute your business idea.


Whether you need help starting your business, handling partnership issues, managing operations or anything else, JoeCo has a seminar to help.


About the Presenter

Joe Markovitch is the co-founder of Solly’s Bagelry, a Vancouver institution and the new-founder of JoeCo Business Coaching, a holistic business-coaching practise. As a successful Vancouver entrepreneur, marketing exec, college instructor and professional musician Joe has more than 25 years of life in business. Over the past 5 years, Joe has coached many business start-ups and expansions in the retail sector, manufacturing industry and professional services field.


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Holistic Aproach

The JoeCo Coaching method moves the business owner through inner reflection to find out what motivates you and how work will make you happy.

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Business Success Stories

Like many new entrepreneurs, we started Solly’s with a very limited budget. We scraped, borrowed and begged to get just enough money to do renovations to the space and buy used…

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Our Coaching Process

STEP 1 >


In this First Step, we find where the passion, to create your business is coming from. We seek to understand your vision, goals and resources and identify our role in the process.

STEP 2 >


At the core, of this step the health goals of the business and the business owner are aligned. We work together to create a healthy work-life balance for you and a healthy balance sheet for your business.

STEP 3 >


Next we lay the foundations of your business – adding the critical infrastructure and tools you and your business need to withstand the challenges of starting up and capitalize on the longer term opportunities ahead.

STEP 4 >


Lastly, together we build your business plan and determine how to best execute it. A good business idea, well executed is your best path to success.

For new entrepreneurs considering taking the first step or businesses ready to take the next step, JoeCo has the experience, skills, resources and connections to help you navigate the many challenges of the startup and expansion process