“Next Step” Coaching For Business

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Joe listened attentively to our company’s objectives and saw the bigger picture of the potential of our business. He senses the audience and speaks from a genuine place of comprehending the business model, and fields questions strategically and sensitively


Debbie Havusha, Co-Founder Yossilinks.com website

“Next Step” Coaching For Business

Holistic business-hindsight driven solutions and step-by-step process to navigate the challenges of expansion and reduce the inherent risks.


Program Description:


The Decision Step

Ready to grow your business?

Then we are ready to help you take the next step; effectively, efficiently and economically. We understand the inherent risks of expansion and have proven strategies to tackle the common challenges.
Our coaching business growth program is designed, in a Step-by-Step process to take you to the important decision step. Making the right decision is a process of doing the right research, taking the right steps, knowing the right people and acting at the right time.


We work with you, one-on-one  throughout the business planning process, leveraging our know how and the capitalizing on the BUSINESS HINDSIGHT OF OTHERS to develop the best options for you to consider. Then you make the decision from a position of power, wisdom and strength -The Right Decision.


The Execution Step

“Success is a great idea, well executed”

We won’t just leave you with a plan. JoeCo will be there, if you want us to help execute your decision. Together we will create a timeline, budget and process to guide your business safely and methodically through the transition of the Next Step.

We will share the online/low cost business management tools that you need to properly execute your expansion plan, within a given timeframe and budget.

We make sense of the business expansion process”.

Key Content:

  1. Vision-Assessment-Readiness
  2. Research-Market-Assessment
  3. Decision Road Map/Go-No Go
  4. Execute Planning Process
  5. Implement-Manage
  6. Monitor-Adjust-Repeat

Learning Outcome:

Prepare business owners to understand the challenges and benefits of taking the next step in your life in business. We will share some of the best practises on how to holistically plan and manage expansion using proven tactics and leveraging, the hindsight of others to reduce the risks and balance the transition.

From our work together you will take away strategies, tools and ideas that you could employ almost immediately to grow your business and balance your life.

Successful expansion is a balancing act. You are at a different business stage, in your businesses life than startup and the expansion process brings different challenges. One of which is your limited time. How do you find the right time to create the right strategy and plan the right execution of your business transition, while maintaining the day to day momentum of your ongoing operation.

We work with you to create the time and provide a process to do the proper business due diligence in order to arrive at the right decision-what’s both best for you and your business.

Knowing the right people, doing the right research, taking the right steps, at the right time is necessary to reduce the potential risks of expansion. We are there to guide you safely through the successful transition of your business to the Next Step.

I doubt if there is an entrepreneur that would not have done something differently in hindsight had he the opportunity to start again. Using the business hindsight of others is a powerful tool we use to help you take the right steps. We use market research to gain valuable insights and to refine your vision and create a roadmap to execute the expansion process.

Along the way, JoeCo’s marketing, operations and high tech professionals can look for and share opportunities and strategies to make and save you money.

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Holistic Aproach

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Our Coaching Process

STEP 1 >


In this First Step, we find where the passion, to create your business is coming from. We seek to understand your vision, goals and resources and identify our role in the process.

STEP 2 >


At the core, of this step the health goals of the business and the business owner are aligned. We work together to create a healthy work-life balance for you and a healthy balance sheet for your business.

STEP 3 >


Now we are going start forming the foundations of your business; the critical infrastructure and tools it needs to withstand the challenges, at the start and capitalize on the opportunities ahead.

STEP 4 >


Lastly, together we build your business plan and determine how to best execute it. A good business idea, well executed is your path to success.

For new entrepreneurs considering taking the first step or businesses ready to take the next step, JoeCo has the experience, skills, resources and connections to help you navigate the many challenges of the startup and expansion process