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15 Jun Graph Tech Guitar Labs- Delivering Innovation

I have been a “serious hobby musician” for the most part of my life (which means I play professionally but not enough to make a living at it). I sing and play bass guitar with the Usual Suspects, a band I formed over 20 years ago. I also perform with a couple of other groups who play more Jewish, Middle Eastern music and a musical “Smothers Brothers” type act that performs for kids at schools. It’s all great but that’s not the story, its just the background to my life long love of music.

Graph Tech Guitar Labs is a innovative guitar component manufacturer, located in Delta BC which manufactures and distributes in almost 40 countries. It’s a family business that has operated for more than 30 years. Graph Tech’s products are highly regarded and endorsed by professional musicians. Online advertising and social media was not an area where the company had placed much marketing emphasis prior to my coming on board as the Marketing Director. The company had been largely relying on traditional print advertising in trade magazines and exhibiting at major industry trade shows. The Graph Tech website looked  outdated and their Facebook page had 600 fans. I recognized the paradigm shift to the online ad world and started moving marketing dollars in that direction. Being I musician I also knew that most musicians are highly social and like to share. So I got to work building our Facebook fan base, posting videos, images, running contests, placing ads and posting share worthy content relevant to our fan base.In just 16 months I grew the fan base from 600 to almost 80,000 fans.

We also worked hard for over a year to develop and launch a brand new modern, innovative-looking website with many new services and capabilities for customer interaction and sales. On the trade show level, I sourced and lead the design and development of a scalable, modern-looking trade show booth incorporating large video monitors, ipads and product demo stations to create an interactive and engaging presentation of Graph Tech’s product line.

In business, the face of your business has to match the image you present in your marketing.  We completely revamped  Graph Tech’s visual images to be consistent, across the media and with the companies mission to be “the innovator of high performance guitar components and accessories:”

You can’t say your products are new and innovative with a website and trade show presence that looks old and antiquated.