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Cole McBride, Musician, Guitar Teacher www.colesguitarlessons.com website


It is my pleasure to let you know how working with Joe Markovitch owner of Joe Co Consulting has been for our growing online company Yossilinks.com.
We began to work with Joe in August 2014 where he listened attentively to our company’s objectives and saw the bigger picture of the potential of our business.
Joe designed a Focus Group for a sample of our readership in September 2014, and he delivered it professionally.
Joe uses humour to lighten things up and applies a business savvy sense to design business models/systems and marketing tools that understands your business‘s needs. Joe implemented a comprehensive Sales Media Kit working side by side with our Graphic Designer and Web Designer.
Most importantly Joe champions the people he works with to be accountable and skilled in their assigned area of expertise. He has worked with 4 of our contracted workers always pleasant and clarifying the tasks and goals at hand.
Joe has presented a power point presentation with me to over 15 organizations/businesses. He senses the audience and speaks from a genuine place of comprehending the business model, and fields questions strategically and sensitively.
I recommend working with Joe Co Consulting to grow your business with integrity, humour and strategy!


Debbie Havusha, Co-Founder Yossilinks.com website


I’ve been working with Joe for the past 3 months on my start-up business and have found Joe to be an outstanding business coach. I say this because Joe uses a disciplined approach to helping you achieve your immediate and longer term goals. He does this by breaking down tasks, asking insightful questions, sharing technology to make the process go more smoothly and listening carefully to you. Besides getting “down to business,” Joe is a creative, and warm hearted man, with a sweet sense of humour. I looked forward to each step along the way because Joe is a good communicator and understood our division of responsibilities.
We achieved our immediate goal of articulating my value proposition to a Focus Group of 15 targeted people. I will continue to work with Joe as we work through the marketing plan and website development.


Cheryl Milner, Life Coach, Heart Ahead Coaching


I met Joe through Embers, where he was my Business Coach. Joe’s entrepreneurial experience and professionalism were essential in helping me found my reclaimed wood furniture business. He helped me work through decisions both micro and macro, offered advice at every turn, and did it all with a friendly, approachable demeanor. Joe’s involvement in establishing my small business has only been positive. I highly recommend Joe’s services!


Greg Stone, Owner and Furnituremaker at Triumph Woodworks


Joe’s small business insights into food production and retail have been invaluable to our entrepreneurs over the years. His hands-on practical advice cuts through all the business speak and get’s straight to the issues at hand. He has been a reliable volunteer mentor and coach for us over many years.


Guy Thorburn, Business Builder and Manager


We hired Joe as a consultant and he is a great asset and a key person to the growing success business of www.Yossilinks.com e-newsletter and website.
Joe has assisted us in the business side of Yossilinks as well as the marketing strategy and marketing plan. I would highly recommend Joe to other businesses.


Yossi Havusha, Owner of www.yossilinks.com


Joe has been mentoring me on an ongoing basis in organizing and giving focus to a small gluten-free business idea that I first got to speak with him about last fall.
Joe’s experience as an entrepreneur and his extensive knowledge of Vancouver-effective marketing strategies have proven invaluable to me in getting organized, evaluating and assessing the direction and focus of my efforts. Anyone who would want to enlist Joe’s help would only benefit from it!


Luca Alberga, Business Entrepreneur 


Mr. Markovitch is an excellent mentor. After being paired with him through Futurepreneur Canada, Mr. Markovitch, has been helping my company in giving the direction and focus that it requires and is also helping me tremendously in launching it as well. He has used his marketing experience to help my company find its niche in the market place and has also helped me in coming up with a very different and unique marketing and branding ideas. I would highly recommend Mr. Markovitch to new entrepreneurs’. His passion for helping out new businesses succeed in the market is commendable and treats every business with same enthusiasm as if it was his own. Anyone who does not use his skills and abilities for his/her business purposes, in my opinion would be missing out on a great opportunity. If you want to help your business start or grow I would highly recommend him.


Aditya Dhiri, Business Entrepreneur 

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