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12 Jun Yossilinks.com – Online Community Center

I’ve known this married couple personally for many years.

The husband Yossi had built a great hobby online newsletter business that, after 10 years had up a solid subscriber base and regular advertisers. With this milestone behind him and the future on his mind Yossi expressed to me he had been thinking about expanding Yossilinks to a full time real business. He approached me to get my opinion on a new format for his newsletter his graphic artist had come up with. That’s when it all started…

My response was to say “why aren’t you asking your subscribers what they think, want and care about.”I suggested he do a focus group study with his subscribers followed by a survey. So we ran a focus group session with 18 of Yossilinks loyalist subscribers; People that personally cared about him and his mission to connect people. The experience was mind altering. We heard the potential and saw the vision of what Yossilinks could be. That created the momentum for the launch of Yossilinks.com an online community center. A central hub for the community to gather in one place to share, connect, learn and engage.

We developed and made presentations to all the major organizations in the community. Many of them shared our news with there subscriber base, which broadened our reach and exposure in the community. The new Yossilinks.com website gave Yossilinks a home and created a number of revenue opportunities for the company.  The new Yossilinks provides the needed services that our focus group members suggested and our subscribers confirmed by survey. Though a six month process we took a hobby weekly newsletter to a legitimate 24/7 online business that provides valuable information, resources and connections to the community.

When you have a question about what you should do to improve your business, start by asking your customers. They are the one’s whose opinion ultimately matters most.